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Our outpatient detoxification program has proven so successful that on our process is now patent pending. For over five and a half years, our program has been used with over 700 patients sufffering from addiction to pain meds, heroin, methadone, suboxone, alcohol and other addictive substances. Our program is for those who truly want to quit.

Our Rapid Detox:

  • Sleep through your withdrawal
  • Done in the comfort of your home
  • 95%+ success rate for initial detox
  • We accept most insurance plans
  • Longterm follow up
  • Includes weekly counseling for 3 months
  • Support groups
  • Dedication to anonymity


Outpatient medical treatment for addiction.

We offer free initial evaluation for all patients with addiction issues. We partner with counseling agencies referring patient and other referral sources to provide an appropriate continuum of care for the chemically dependent.
  • Complete physical exams
  • Medical testing
  • Substance abuse evaluations
  • Medical management programs
  • Case management
  • Drug withdraw medical supervision and monitoring
  • New medical protocol for patients with severe cravings
  • Medical coding services for clients filing insurance claims
  • Intervention services
We use a combination of medications to stop cravings for alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana, and nicotine. The combination of various medications and route of administration are determined by the patient’s own particular history of addictive use, medical condition, prior treatments and overall willingness to abstain from addictive use. Stellhorn Wellness offers private confidential medical treatment in a discreet location close to several major highways for easy access.
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