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Cost of treatment is a concern for all of our patients. Stellhorn Wellness, LLC offers options for treatment that can fit any budget. Since all of our treatment options are outpatient-based our costs are generally more economical than hospital-based treatment. Most patients can get into recovery with a well planned outpatient program if they are willing to commit to follow through with all of our recommendations. We take a practical approach to recovery based on a minimum of disruption to your everyday lifestyle. Keep in mind that our staff members are in recovery themselves and know what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We strongly encourage the use of support groups (both in-house and outside meetings) to connect with others who have similar problems.

We offer various payment options for all services. Arrangements have been made for patients to get outside financing for services if they have no insurance. We file insurance claims for our patients. Most of our services are covered by the majority of insurance plans. The most significant point to remember is that our services generally will cost one-third to one-half of the equivalent service in a hospital-based program. Call our office to find our more about our costs and payment options.

Our approach to addiction treatment is to always try the most economical option first and then increase treatment intensity if the need arises. We don't automatically ask patients to leave the program if they are not successful on their first attempt although we do hold all patients responsible for their actions or lack there of. We believe in assisting the patient to work through any problems that come up along the way to full recovery.

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