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The use of cocaine is still at an all-time high level in spite of the increased use of other similar drugs , mostly methamphetamines and prescription drugs like adderall. There is an increase in the use of crack cocaine due to economic factors. Put simply more addicts use crack because it is available in smaller quantities for less expense than powdered cocaine or any other form of cocaine. Addiction to cocaine like all other abused substances is a result of the continued use in spite of serious life consequences. Erratic behavior, anger, aggression, mood changes, hallucinations, rambling speech, fleeting thoughts, illegal acts to get more drug, and other symptoms are all common with cocaine abuse and addiction.

Stellhorn Wellness, LLC has developed a program of treatment that uses medications to help with the recovery from cocaine addiction. The first and newest program involves the use of non-narcotic medications taken orally that will blunt any side effects of withdrawal from any type of cocaine use. These medications will reduce or stop the intense cravings that come with addiction to the drug. This approach gives not only immediate relief but also is very inexpensive compared to other methods of treatment. The medications used are generic and are tailored to the patient's own particular symptoms. The second treatment approach we use involves the use of medications taken orally and through infusion by means of an IV done in the privacy of our office. This course of treatment is more intense than the first treatment we described. NEURO-D includes a full one year followup of office visits with both the doctor and counselor. NEURO-D has proven to be very effective with the patient who has tried everything else and continues to relapse. We offer a free consultation with both the doctor and counselor to determine the best course of action.

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