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There has been much discussion recently about the medical use of marijuana for varied health problems. Stellhorn Wellness, LLC only addresses the marijuana issue from an addiction standpoint. Many people claim that there is no physical addiction to the drug however there is significant evidence that a physical addiction can occur after an extended period of heavy use. Also the quality of the drug available on the street is much better than it was just a few years ago in regards to the level of THC(tetrahydra cannabinol) in the substance. Dependence is defined as continued use of the drug in spite of serious life consequences, increased tolerance for the drug, excessive time spent getting and using the drug, impairment of motor skills, short and longterm memory loss, legal problems, and continued use in spite of significant health issues. Normally most patients exhibit a very high level of denial about the consequences of prolonged use.

Treatment of marijuana addiction includes first addressing the physical issues. Repeated bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis are common with heavy marijuana use and a complete physical examination along with appropriate laboratory testing is normally the first item on the agenda for treatment. A drug and alcohol evaluation to determine the severity of addiction will be completed with any recommendations for counseling to be made if necessary. There are some oral medications that can be used to treat the addiction and for relief from withdrawal and cravings. If those medications are not enough then we would recommend the use of the NEURO-D protocol for further relief from cravings. Call us for a free consultation with the doctor and counselor to see if our program can help.

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