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Addiction to methamphetamines will normally happen very quickly after the first use of the drug. The drug has been made much more available in the recent years because of the emergence of the self-manufacturing of the drug by addicts and dealers. New methods of making the drug has added to the problem. Due to the use of some very corrosive and dangerous ingredients the possibility of physical damage due to the use of the drug has added to the problems caused by use. Physical problems include extreme weight loss, elevated blood pressure, muscle weakness, chest pain, and dental issues caused by the use of the drug.

Stellhorn Wellness, LLC has two treatment options for methamphetamines, both using medications to relieve not only withdrawal symptoms but more importantly controlling the intense cravings for more drug use. We do a full physical evaluation and a substance abuse evaluation prior to treatment. The first of the treatment options involves the use of non-narcotic medications taken orally. Since most of the medications are generic this approach is the most economical. Most patients will see significant improvement with this regimen in a very short time after taking the medications. The second treatment option is the NEURO-D treatment we recommend for patients who have had previous failed treatment attempts, This option involves the infusion of medications through an IV administered in the privacy of our office. This option is much more intense than the first option using oral medications only. NEURO-D involves one full year of followups with both the doctor and counselor along with oral medications taken as needed to assist the patient achieve a full recovery. Contact us for a free consultation with the doctor and counselor to determine the best course of treatment.

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