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Addiction to alcohol as is the case for addiction to any other substance is determined not by how much is consumed or how often the consumption occurs. What determines all addiction is the continued use of alcohol or other substances in spite of serious consequences caused by the consumption. Continued drinking after receiving an arrest for an alcohol related charge, continued use after being confronted by loved ones, or continued use after having problems at work caused by excessive drinking are all examples of addiction to alcohol. Not being able to accurately remember things done when drinking, isolating or solitary drinking, hiding the drinking or the alcohol, frequent lying about where one has been or who you were with are all further examples of addiction.

Stellhorn Wellness, LLC offers an initial free consultation with the doctor and counselor to determine an appropriate course of treatment for the addiction. The initial consultation includes a review of all the previous attempts to get into recovery. The meeting will conclude with the staff reviewing all the treatment options that apply to your particular situation. Some of those options will include the use of medications that are commonly used for addiction treatment. Medications that we currently use include Naltrexone, Campral, Phenobarbital, Neurotin, Disulfram, Hydroxyzine, Romazicon, and others. The use of these drugs and others is dependent on the patient's needs. These drugs may be used separately or in various combinations, whichever is most appropriate for the patient.

In addition to the medication regimen we will assess the patient's need for counseling. Prior attempts will be discussing and a full drug and alcohol evaluation will be completed. We always recommend participation in outside 12 step support groups and offer an in-house support group tailored specifically to our patients needs. If we recommend other counseling we have a variety of options available depending on the patient's particular financial situation and travel considerations.

The Neuro D program includes a full year of weekly follow-ups with staff members in addition to the medical treatment. Both the doctor and counselor are recovering addicts and alcoholics. Their perspectives on recovery come from years of not only professional experience but also personal experience as well.

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