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Neuro D
Stellhorn Wellness, LLC uses a combination of medications to stop cravings for alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana, and nicotine. The combination of various medications and route of administration are determined by the patient’s own particular history of addictive use, medical condition, prior treatments and overall willingness to abstain from addictive use. The evaluation process includes appropriate medical testing, substance abuse mental evaluation, physical examination, and collateral information gathering.

The treatment process begins after the evaluation process is completed. Most patients will be prescribed a combination of medications to control or decrease cravings. The patient will receive education about the process of addiction as it applies to their individual situation. Referral for appropriate counseling will be made if required. Clients are encouraged to attend support groups including a support group specifically for Stellhorn Wellness, LLC patients.

Participation in the Neuro D program includes regular follow-ups with our staff for up to one year. Medical intervention for addiction issues requires appropriate long term monitoring and is essential to recovery.

Other Services Provided
Stellhorn Wellness, LLC performs evaluation services including both mental and physical evaluations for addictive issues. Addiction education services are available for specific situations. Stellhorn Wellness, LLC staff is trained to perform intervention services for addicted persons whose families, friends, or employers are concerned about the excessive use of substances. Staff can make appropriate referrals for patients in need of additional services not provided by Stellhorn Wellness, LLC.

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