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We now offer a comprehensive 3 month long outpatient detoxification for patients who want to ensure that their recovery is long lasting and not just another attempt to quit using only to go back to abusive alcohol or drug dependence. The process begins with an in depth evaluation of your current situation by both the Doctor and counselor. On the first visit the Doctor will prescribe a combination of medications to relieve any withdrawal symptoms you may have and you will have access to our office 24 hours a day for any problems you may encounter. This is very important during the early recovery. You may call at any time for medication adjustments or to talk to the counselor. No two patients go through this process with the same symptoms which means that the process is tailored to your particular issues. If your using history is such that we don't believe that outpatient detoxification is in your best interest then you will be informed of that at the time of the initial evaluation and be referred to an appropriate facility.

Once you have completed the initial withdrawal process then we begin taking a look at the issues that have taken you back to using alcohol or drugs in the past. A complete substance abuse evaluation will be done by our state-certified drug and alcohol counselor followed by a series of meetings to discuss that evaluation. If it is determined that additional counseling is necessary then an appropriate referral will be made. During the 3 month long detox you will have unlimited access to the counselor. Through the course of the 3 month program you will have at least 4 follow-up appointments with the Doctor to address any other physical issues that may come up in the course of recovery.

Included in the total cost of the program is initial bloodwork to determine the condition of your liver and kidneys. The Doctor will explain the results of that testing. Also included in the cost of the program is random urine drug testing in the event that some outside source or agency needs to be made aware of your progress. Because we are a physician's office we are governed by the HIPPA laws so your health information is protected and only released with your written permission.

We encourage all of our patients to become involved in support groups for continued recovery. We have support group meetings in our office for all our patients and we recommend participation if possible. We have current patients as well as patients who have been discharged successfully who participate every week in our meetings. Recovery is much easier when you realize that you are not alone.

The total cost of the three month program is very economical when compared to hospital-based detoxification programs. Payment plans are available after an initial down payment. A contract will be signed that explains the patient's financial obligation in detail along with the total detoxification protocol. We file insurance claims for our patients.

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