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Addiction to tobacco products can cause significant health problems and has become a major contributor to the escalating cost of healthcare today. Treatment for addiction to tobacco has many options. There are several excellent medications that work for some patients but not for others. There are other options of combinations of medications that may work better for some patients depending on their current medical condition. Most of our patients who want to quit the use of tobacco do so after having a health scare such as shortness of breath, chest pains, or other symptoms. Some want to quit because of the cost of continued use of tobacco. There is no bad reason for quitting. With all the public service announcements about the dangers of smoking and other tobacco use along with the increasing " no-smoking laws" we have seen a significant increase in requests for assistance in stopping the use of tobacco products.

Stellhorn Wellness, LLC offers several options for treatment of nicotine addiction. We use combinations of medications in addition to some more commonly prescribed drugs for smoking cessation. We also address the behavioral side of the addiction process. We offer an in-house support group for all patients and will refer patients for additonal counseling if necessary. In extreme cases where all the previously discussed options do not work then we do offer the NEURO-D infusion program as a final option. With that option we do infusions of medications through an IV plus using other oral medications for the patient who has exhausted all other options. Contact our office for a free consultation with the doctor and counselor to find out if our programs will work for you.

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